Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello - Again.

So the crafting has taken a back seat to the "crafting" a healthy, happy family. The past three years have been full of trials, joys & sorrows; much as I'm sure everyones lives have.

Our precious little boy, or PMP (Precious Most Precious) was born in 2011. There are really no words to describe motherhood, so no reason to even try; he amazes & tests me every single day.

We lost the namesake of my crafty company Deuce, our wonderful boxer succumbed to a brain tumor after 10 years with us.  We miss his never ending happiness every single day & our other dog Oscar is just not the same without his Deucie.

So life now consists of full time motherhood, full time wifehood, full time work as an ICU nurse. Somehow I've become an avid excersiser; part time crafter with only one craft show planned this spring/summer season. I got a new haircut, lost some weight (numbers not important - being able to toss the ball & keep up with a 18 month old all day long is.) And somehow life has completely transformed as we know it, I guess that's what parenthood is all about.

With these changes, it has become clear what is really important to me:
1. Creating a happy, healthy family. I am truely blessed that I have a rewarding & gratifying job that allows me to be home with my son more days than he is in daycare.
2. Providing healthy, nutritious "real food" on a daily basis for all three of us family members. I'm in no way a food nazi, I understand that if DH picks up PMP from school at 5:45 & there is not a dinner waiting for them, there may be some Wendy's or Burger King involved. Or an ice cream sandwich . . . However I do my best to ensure that this is the exception not the rule.
3. Saving money: couponing, freezer to crock pot meals, etc  - especially since part time daycare is now thrown into the  budget.
4. Limiting toxins, pesticides & chemicals in my household's environment. Recycle, be kind to fellow humans, animals & the planet. And most of all I wish for whirled peas.
5. Crafts produced from Deuce Goods (besides crochet) should all be upcycled or reused pieces. The DH has even gotten into the act, learning to weld with salvaged car parts from his work. So proud of him expressing his creativeness, his pieces will be part of the Deuce Goods craft tent.

Goals for spring & summer:
Plant & maintain an organic homestead. Freeze or can as much food as we can produce.
Learn to bake bread. As my awesome mother does this, I should be able to follow suit.
1 craft show, revamp & update Deuce Goods website & etsy shop.
2-3 5k excersiser activities - Warrior Dash already planned.
Declutter. Donate/purge 10-20 items a month.
One date night a month.
One Family adventure a month

Some of my recent internet obsessions:
Real food - who knew that that way I eat was actually a food movement!

So that's the direction were going, hoping you'll stay along for the ride.
PMP with one of DaDa's pieces.

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