Monday, June 22, 2009

Creative Workings

So I've been trying new craft things this summer. My summer of craft. I start my residency at Gwinnett Medical in the ICU, Aug 10th. I am really excited - but until then it's study for NCLEX and craft! Here are a few thing I made up this last week.

These little clay mushroom charms I made for my friend Jean to use in her hemp necklaces. I also made plant stakes in the same colors for my terrariums.

I love this Votive Candle Holder. I made some hanging ones too which I will photograph this week. This lime green votive cozy is stiffened so it stands on its own and doesn't sag. I found the glass at a thrift store. Glass stands 4inches tall & 2.5 inches wide. Listed in etsy shop.


  1. So I think about the most random things when I am trying to fall asleep--and your little mushrooms reminded me of one! How are you anchoring those fixtures in the clay? Do you just poke them in and they stay, or are they some how flared inside?

  2. just poked and baked. We'll se how it works out


  3. Awwwww those mushrooms are so darn cute :)

  4. pssssst...
    ...let us know what today is inspiring to you and are you imagining something...? -- in my latest blog post here:

    Yay, thanks!