Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gourds Galore

Christmas 2008
I visited my Aunt Ann & her husband Mark, in Ashland, TN. 45 minutes from Nashville. We suprised her by sneaking out her sister Jan (my birthmom) out with me. Ann was truly suprised. During our visit, we spent Christmas day at her step daughter Eliza's house. On Eliza's inlaws property was a wonderful hilltop garden, sleeping for the winter of course.
They grow these amazing Native American gourds. Here they are drying in the sun.

Eliza's inlaws were gracious enough to give me a few & taught me how to harvest the seeds.

Once the seeds rattle freely in the dried gourd, they are ready to harvest.

My first crop of Gourds growing along fence of our dog yard.

We have several gourds growning already.

The climbing tendrels they send out are amazing.

Enjoying the sun.

They have big beautiful leaves. And a very unique smell - I'm not sure how to decribe it - a musty peppery smell.

Will definately update with the growth and drying process of my first planting of gourds. I really like that I took the seeds right from the gourd and am growing my own gourds now.

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